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MMSR, MSR a SKP 2024

6.. - 7.4.
17. - 19.5. Ústecka (CZ)
24. - 26.5. Korczyna (PL) MMSR
31.5. - 2.6. Šternberk (CZ) MMSR
14. - 16.6. Ožďany MSR, SKP
5. - 7.7. Čierny Balog
19. - 21.7. Pezinská BABA
2. - 4.8. Jankov Vŕšok MSR, SKP
6. - 8.9. Jankov Vŕšok MSR, SKP
Nachádzaš sa tu: NovinkyRegistration for the PAV AUTOPOLA Jankov vršok 2023 ends on Monday.

Registration for the PAV AUTOPOLA Jankov vršok 2023 ends on Monday.

In fact, there are only a few dozen hours left for competitors to register for the PAV AUTOPOLA Jankov vŕšok 2023 event. It ends on Monday, July 31. 2023 at exactly midnight. 1 1

The AUTOPOLA Jankov vŕšok 2023 event will start as the next round of the FIA Central European Zone series of contemporary and historic vehicles, as well as the International and National Slovak Hillclimb Championship, the Polish Championship, the Slovak Hillclimb Championship of historic vehicles, the Slovak Hillclimb Cup and the Slovak trophy in the uphill race of historic cars. It will take place between 4 and 6 August 2023 on the track between the village of Uhrovec and Jankov vŕšok, the length of which is 3,700 meters and the elevation is 250 meters.2 1

As we have already informed you, on the track itself, but also in its immediate surroundings, the organizer from the association Motorsport Bánovce nad Bebravou is intensively working to clean not only the service depot, but also the surroundings of the track and spectator areas. Everything will be perfectly prepared for the race and the spectators can look forward to a lot of adrenaline while watching exciting fights.3 1

However, one is not finished yet. And the registration for the PAV AUTOPOLA Jankov vŕšok 2023. This is still ongoing and we want to remind everyone who is eager to compete that the registration ends on Monday 31.7.2023 exactly at midnight. You can find the application form as well as the list of applicants at www.sams-asn.sk/prihlaska and current information at www.jvrsok.sk.4 1

Miro Majláth
press secretary
AUTOPOLA Jankov vŕšok 2023

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